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Jim Rickards


Global Head of Short-​Term Interest Rate Strategy, Credit Suisse
Zoltan Pozsar is Investment Strategist at Credit Suisse and is based in New York.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse in February 2015, Mr. Pozsar was a senior adviser to the US Department of the Treasury, where he advised the Office of Debt Management and the Office of Financial Research, and served as the Treasury’s liaison to the FSB on matters of financial innovation. Mr. Pozsar was deeply involved in the response to the global financial crisis and the ensuing policy debate. He joined the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in August 2008 in charge of market intelligence for securitized credit markets and served as point person on market developments for senior Federal Reserve, US Treasury and White House officials throughout the crisis; played an instrumental role in building the TALF to backstop the ABS market; and pioneered the mapping of the shadow banking system which inspired the FSB’s effort to monitor and regulate shadow banking globally. Later at the IMF he was involved in framing the Fund’s official position on shadow banking and consulted G-20 working groups. He consulted G-7 policymakers, central banks and finance ministries on global macro-financial developments.

Before joining the official sector, Mr. Pozsar was a US macroeconomist and Fed watcher for six years. He is a founding member of the Shadow Banking Colloquium of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and a former adviser on European affairs to Oriens Investment Management, a CEE-focused merchant bank in his native Budapest, Hungary.

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